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We are the newest Monterey area listing pages brought to you by the people that brought you the oldest Monterey business listing pages. Right now your are probably saying HUH? Well here is a brief explanation. We brought to the Monterey area Monterey Bay Adventures & Entertainment that focused on the tourist industry. Those listings are still there and many lead back here. What we have done is add to those listings beyond the tourist industry with all the businesses in the Monterey area.

The main difference between Monterey Bay Adventures & Entertainment is under each listing page there will eventually be more information than just a name, address and phone number. These pages will contain the amount of information that is generally contained within a common 3-fold brochure. From these pages will also contain links to any and all existing pages the business may have. These pages will be extremely inexpensive. To get information on how inexpensive and to get your business linked you can call WEB Home Pages at 642-0293 or go to the contact page and send us a note.

We hope to have every business in the Monterey area with more information than just a listing so will be a good place for information, listings, and news for Tourists as well as Locals.

We try to keep as up to date as possible but as everybody knows businesses come and go on a regular basis. If you see a business that no longer exists or one that should be here please let us know. We will be more than happy to make the changes needed to keep up to date.
Just go to our contact page and any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you and please visit often.
Bob MacDonald

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